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What Makes Rita Law Firm, P.A. Stand Out?

When you’re in the market for an attorney, you want to find one that stands out from the crowd. You want an lawyer who is attentive, caring and highly knowledgeable about your estate planning or immigration concerns.

At Rita Law Firm, P.A., our team does just that. With skilled estate planning services, we take the time to get to know our clients in our offices located in Port St. Lucie and West Palm Beach. Our clients are Florida transplants from across the country and the world. We help our clients take full advantage of Florida law. Learn more about attorney Stella Rita by reviewing her bio below:

Thorough Attentive Estate Planning Service

When you set out to craft your estate plan, you want to protect what you’ve built over your lifetime for your family. You may have specific goals but aren’t sure how to secure them. Our attentive team takes on your case and listens to you.

We work with people in unique situations, including interstate and international estate planning concerns. We understand the estate planning laws in Florida and know how to protect your assets for your family.

Insight Into The Immigration Process

Immigration into the United States is one of the more complex issues a person can face. When you need that level of service, you can put your faith in Rita Law Firm, P.A. Attorney Stella Rita was born in Colombia and has first-hand experience with immigration issues.

Under attorney Rita’s lead, our immigration service takes on the complex cases facing clients seeking to emigrate to Florida from Colombia, Venezuela, Peru and Cuba. Since our team speaks Spanish, we can explain US law in terms our clients understand.

Hardworking. Experienced. Smart.

When you come to Rita Law Firm, P.A., you can trust that your estate planning and immigration matters will be in good hands. We take care of our clients in the way they deserve, with respect and dedication. Call us at 561-586-5883 or send an email to us using this form to get a meeting.