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Can you help your children immigrate to the United States?

On Behalf of | Dec 6, 2022 | Immigration

People come to South Florida from Colombia, Venezuala, Guatemala and many other latin countries, as professionals or students to pursue opportunities they don’t have in their country of origin. You may dream that your career success in the United States might lead to immigration opportunities for you and other people that you love. In fact, you may hope that your children will eventually live in Florida and call Palm Beach their home.

Most parents would go to great lengths to give their children more opportunities than they had. Entering the United States could eventually mean that your children can have those same benefits and achieve even more.

Can your immigration opportunities benefit your children?

When you have a visa

Whether you have a visa related to employment, education or a relationship, you may potentially be able to travel with your children. The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) will approve subordinate visas for spouses and unmarried, minor children of those granted visas for employment, education or other purposes.

You can travel with your children as long as they are still young. However, those visas are temporary, and your children will likely need to leave the United States at the same time that you do.

When you have a green card

Becoming a permanent resident will expand your options while living in the United States. You can potentially pursue more employment opportunities with fewer restrictions. You may feel more comfortable traveling to other countries.

You will also have enhanced opportunities to bring family members to the United States. Family preference visas for your unmarried children could help them enter the country and get a green card just like you.

When you are a citizen

Both natural-born and naturalized citizens have the most opportunity to bring their children to the United States. As with permanent residents, citizens can help minor children and unmarried children travel to the United States. Citizens are also the only ones who can help their married children enter the country through family-based immigration.

Learning about family-based immigration rules for parents with children living abroad can help you achieve your goal of giving your children a better future.