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Immigration Help From Someone Who Has Been There

Immigration is a sensitive topic for many reasons. However, a person or family going through the immigration process does not have the time to reconcile with those sensitive issues. They need answers and help as soon as possible.

At Rita Law Firm, P.A., that’s what we’re here to do. Attorney Stella Rita has an intimate personal understanding of the immigration process, having gone through it herself. She knows the struggles ahead, and with the help of our legal team, you can rest easy.

Thorough Review Of Your Situation

The immigration process in the United States is highly complex because there is no one process. There are several immigration and visa possibilities for individuals, and your ability to access them depends on your circumstances.

However, with Rita Law Firm, P.A., you can trust in a calm, confident review of the immigration options you have. You can get answers and find new ways forward in:

  • Moving family to the US
  • Immigrating yourself
  • Helping employees gain legal status
  • Securing employment rights

While there are no guarantees in immigration law, we can assure you that we review every matter closely and provide advice that our clients can count on.

Helping Cuban Asylum Seekers

In addition to our other immigration law matters, we often help people from Cuba with asylum requests. Asylum law is a complex system, but people escaping from Cuba have ample opportunity to get help. Our team works with people, and since we speak Spanish, we are well-suited to help Cuban asylum seekers.

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